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Katerina García is a Czech-Spanish singer born in Prague, raised in Barcelona and currently living in Dublin, Ireland. Katerina began to sing Irish traditional music in the band Celtic Rej, in 1997. In 1998 she co-founded the Prague-based band Dún an Doras, where she performed until 2007 and with which she recorded the albums Bossa Nudski (Mars Productions, 1999), Demo 2002, Sweet & Sour (Indies, 2003) and Rua (Indies, 2005).  

Since 2001 she has been collaborating with multi-instrumentalist and renowned banjo player Lubos Malina in the band Garcia – both their albums released to-date, Woven Ways (Supraphon, 2007) and Before Dawn (Indies Happy Trails, 2010) were nominated for the Czech Anděl music awards. She has also collaborated with numerous musicians across various genres (Czech bluegrass band Druhá tráva, Czech singer Pavel Bobek, American producer and guitarist Steve Walsh, Irish traditional musicians Alan Doherty and James Ryan, and the Dublin-based Traditional Arts Collective, among others). In 2006 she founded, together with her sister Barbara García and Bosnian singer and guitarist Predrag Duronjić, the band Kal y Kanto, where she performed Sephardic and Balkan traditional music. Since 2013 she sings this repertoire with the band Kon Sira.

Katerina currently lectures in the Department of Hispanic Studies at Trinity College Dublin.  


photo: Běta Bajgartová


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Irish and Scottish traditional music with echoes of bluegrass.


Katerina García – vocals, whistle, acoustic guitar
Luboš Malina – acoustic and electric banjo, whistle, tarogato, kaval
Petr Košumberský – acoustic guitar
Adam Stivín - bass
Kamil Slezák – drums and percussions
Pepa Malina – violin

Woven Ways
Supraphon 2007
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Before Dawn
Indies Happy Trails 2010
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1. Níl ‘Na Lá (Trad., arr. Garcia)

2. In My Prime (Trad. / K. García, P. Košumberský)

3. The Queen Of Argyll (Trad., arr. Garcia)

4. Lung Ching (Luboš Malina)

5. One Last Cold Kiss (Gail Collins / Felix Pappalardi)

6. Ag An gCóisir (Louis de Paor / John Spillane)

7. The Curragh Of Kildare (Trad., arr. Garcia)

8. An Seanduine (Trad., arr. Garcia)

9. Via / Happy Man Burrito (Petr Košumberský)

10. The Banks Of The Nile (Trad., arr. K. García)

11. May Morning Dew / The Snows They Melt The Soonest (Trad., arr. Garcia)

12. Tribute To Peadar O’Donnell (Trad., arr. Garcia)


The ensemble Kon Sira, focusing on traditional Sephardic and Balkan music, presents a unique interpretation of the traditional songs of the Sephardic Jews.
The song tradition of the Sephardim, preserved in the heart of the Jewish communities of Northern Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans, represents a unique repertoire in which the Hispanic motifs cherished by the Sephardic Jews following their eviction from Spain (1492), are interwoven with the melodic tradition and imagery of the lands where they found refuge.
Kon Sira consists of five musicians from various musical genres. In their interpretations, traditional Sephardic melodies are combined with musical motifs and approaches from different genres and musical styles. The majority of the songs in Kon Sira’s repertoire feature harmony vocals and an instrumental accompaniment which doesn’t strictly adhere to traditional ways.



We are currently finishing an album which will present a selection of poems by Czech contemporary author Věra Provazníková, Czech poet, translator and graphic artist Bohuslav Reynek (1892-1971) and Czech Romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha (1810-1836). The poems have been set to music by Katerina García and Luboš Malina and produced by American guitarist and producer Steve Walsh. 

Katerina García : vocals, shruti box
Luboš Malina: acoustic guitar, banjo, clarinet, kaval
Steve Walsh: electric guitar
Jakub Vejnar: bass
Kamil Slezák: drums and percussions

Guests: Tomáš Liška (upright bass), Viliam Béreš (keyboards), Pepa Malina (violin) 





“Bring the Céilí back to the people!”



Katerina García and acclaimed musicians Síle Denvir (Líadan) and Robert Harvey (Ciorras) perform a repertoire of songs from the traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Bohemia and Moravia.


Katerina García: vocals, shruti box

Síle Denvir: harp, vocals, shruti box

Robert Harvey: flute, whistles 

email: info@katerina-garcia.com

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email: info@katerina-garcia.com